Innovative Technology

Mobile Receipt Validation

We offer a full suite of mobile activation to create cost-effective programs. Our platform accepts all receipts from all retailers in real-time. It engages consumers directly with instant validation.

Loyalty Platform

Now a proprietary, mobile friendly web based platform, allowing brands to create engaging, highly custom loyalty programs featuring our rewards. The platform is capable of creating/verifying accounts, tracking credits/points and posting spending balances.

Mobile Development

We are continually developing technology that will provide brands, studios and cinemas the ability to engage with customers and deliver rewards directly on their mobile devices.

Data Collection & Tracking

We collect customer data and purchase behavior on our rewards activation site so that you can know your customers better and measure incremental lift. Data captured includes, name, email, mobile phone, zip code, redemption date and time. Our activation sites can also host survey questions that will gauge a promotion’s success, while collecting brand information.

Social Media Integration

Fandango is active on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, reaching millions of unique users. Let us feature your brand’s movie ticket promotion through our electronic newsletter that reaches over 14 million active readers.

Custom Web Development & Hosting

Our reward activation is turn-key. Whether you are talking to 50 consumers, or 50 million, our technology team can design, build, host and operate your promotional activation site, adaptable for online and mobile.

Fraud Mitigation

Fandango Rewards utilizes state-of-the-art device fingerprinting technology in conjunction with a multi-factor filter to identify suspicious behavior. We monitor reward activation 24×7 to detect and prevent fraudulent activity.


We can power your web site or mobile app with our rewards and data integration. It creates a seamless customer experience with a secure on-demand delivery of our promotional codes and rewards.

Bring Tech to the Forefront

Our focus is on developing new solutions to meet your needs. Our product and delivery innovation is based on both virtual and mobile solutions for consumer ease-of-use and your peace of mind.