Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions we get most often. If you don’t find your answer please contact us.

We can provide recent data from top marketing research companies that indicate entertainment/lifestyle rewards provide a high perceived value with product promotions.  When offered an entertainment/lifestyle reward consumers spend two-to-three times more to obtain the reward.  Entertainment/lifestyle reward promotions historically reflect higher sales gains and increased sales performance.

Our pricing is based on estimated usage so it’s seldom at face value. We have decades of promotion performance experience and price our programs accordingly.

Fandango collects proprietary movie data that can help target potential customers for your promotion.  Our targeting capabilities include geo, demo, behavioral and by movie genre.

FandangoNOW offers more than 40,000 hit movies and TV shows. No subscription is required and is available on Roku, smart TV’s, tablets, smartphones and more. This capability, along with the choice of Fandango movie rewards, allows clients to choose between theatrical ticketing or a home entertainment movie reward experience for their consumers.

Of the 7K+ movie titles that FandangoNow features, almost all are available for rental. The new releases are available 3-6 weeks for purchase once they come on the FandangoNow site. After that time, they are available for rent.

Yes. Our new loyalty platform is a mobile-friendly, web-based product featuring Fandango Reward Products. The platform is a consumer facing web application which allows for 1) creating/verifying accounts; 2) earn credits/points; and 3) providing spending account balances.

Our sales team includes 2 studio relations representatives with more than 30 years of combined experience in working with marketing professionals in the studio industry. We are the preferred movie reward partner with all the major studios. We help your brand capitalize on the millions of dollars that studios spend to market and promote their films.

If you have other questions regarding our Fandango Rewards capabilities, please send us your queries.