We Do
Everything Rewards

Consumers will spend 2X to 3X more than the average consumer for an entertainment or lifestyle reward—and we’ve got ‘em in spades!

Movie Tickets

Influence consumers with memorable, low-cost movie rewards. Build on our exclusive access to the world’s largest ticketing network and movie studio partnerships.

At-Home Entertainment

Premium on-demand and streaming subscriptions make rewards convenient for all.

Lifestyle Rewards

Gain loyalty with rewards for shopping, dining, digital music, eBooks, spa visits, golf, and more.

Visa & Mastercard

When cash is key, trust our physical and virtual Visa and Mastercard solutions.

Consumer Choice

Let consumers choose: a movie night out or a movie rental at home.


Extend your program into Brazil, covering 70% of all theaters!

Media & Marketing

Entice the largest U.S. movie-going audience with targeted media and custom marketing solutions.

Fandango 360

Give memorable, low-cost movie rewards in the world’s largest ticketing network.

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You Get
Our Best

You get a tailor-made, turn-key rewards solution that consumers will love. You get experts to help you design, develop, launch, and operate your rewards program. You get results that meet your business needs.

How Do We Do It?
Years of Experience

You can rely on us and the best practices we’ve built working with thousands of clients.


Achieve ROI, increasing awareness, loyalty and sales of your brand and total category growth.

Ease of Use

Copy: Make it easy for consumers to earn rewards while you increase basket ring.


Keep consumers engaged from in-store to online with our broad solution portfolio.

Broad Appeal

Design a program for the right consumers and promotional event.

Data Driven

Optimize your program with campaign tracking and analysis.

Brand Partners

As part of NBC Universal, our vast outreach can get your brand out there. Learn more.

Plus Our
Innovative Technology

Here’s the tip of the tech iceberg that makes our reward programs easy for your consumers and for you: 

Magic Happens
Here's Proof

See how our clients increase spend and lift PLUS brand affinity with their reward programs!

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